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Integrated. Evidence-based. Planning your next global or domestic health communications campaign.



P-Process and human-centered design approaches for designing communications strategies and content.

Knowing the problem is one thing. Solving the right problem is what matters. The driving force behind our approach to behavior change communications is a deep desire to understand the obstacles to change and how to overcome them, while presenting solutions to problems that the target audience actually wants solved.


Through focus groups, key informant interviews and other methods, we can develop a more accurate picture of how and where to reach your target audiences and learn what motivates them to act.


The final ingredient is our capacity to understand and relate to each audience in ways that enable us to boil complex ideas down to simple, actionable steps. With a thorough understanding of each audience and in concert with your organizational and program objectives, we design communications strategies to reach the right person with the right message at the right time and in the right delivery method—while at the same time ensuring a socio-ecological approach to span audiences and platforms along the entire spectrum.



Campaign and program implementation

  • Project Management

  • Work Plans

  • Budgeting

Internal communications

  • Education

  • Information Tools​

  • Primary and Secondary Audiences

  • Partners

  • Donors 

Diagram Source: Oxford Journals, Health Policy and Planning (

Stakeholder engagement


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