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Agency quality and results. Freelance flexibility and value.  


Boxcar delivers a unique blend of know-how combined with an easy to work with attitude.

Select Projects in Focus

PROJECT: USAID-funded social marketing activity (SMA) campaign planning in Uganda, January 2017 - present

Organization: Uganda Health Marketing Group (on behalf of Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs), Kampala, Uganda

Summary: Provided technical assistance to a local partner on the development of an integrated strategic communications plan to generate demand for socially marketed products and services in family planning, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, and malaria.


PROJECT: Communications development for community-engaged STI prevention program, September 2016 - present

Organization: WeCanStopSTDsLA (on behalf of Coachman Moore & Associates, Inc.), Los Angeles, CA USA

Summary: Developed campaign strategy, content while working with a coalition of partners as well as multiple constituencies in the community, building and maintaining close relationships with key stakeholders to facilitate more efficient and effective collaborations, including members of the local press.


PROJECT: Communications planning for a USAID PEPFAR partner in Zimbabwe, February - April 2016

Organization: SAfAIDS, Harare, Zimbabwe

Summary: Produced a donor and partner communications plan, directly informed through conducting formative research with key funders, partners and health ministers.


In addition to strong technical skills in communications strategy and design, our highly developed social skills cross cultural, sectoral and generational divides to bring all stakeholders together for common purpose and to solve public health problems. Through these abilities to nurture and maintain positive collaborative relationships, we are able to draw upon the experiences and expertise of those around us to manage complex programs, including harnessing invaluable insights about how culture and community impact public health to be better communicators. 



Everything begins and ends with a strategy

Our number one focus is on understanding your audiences and stakeholders—and what works best for them. Plus, we place a special emphasis on often overlooked internal communications—a big key to the success of any campaign. 

We take every possible hurdle out of the way

In fact, making it easy is our mantra. For you: easy access to seasoned SBCC experts. For results: Delivering communication in the right way with the right message to the right person.

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